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Solve.Care and Unlimit Join Forces to Expand the Utility of SOLVE Beyond Healthcare

Solve.Care, an innovative global healthcare technology company, today announced a partnership with a global fintech company Unlimit’s next-generation on- and off-ramp solution to explore expanding the capabilities of Solve.Care’s innovative Care.Wallet and utility of the SOLVE token. 

The cooperation between the two companies includes allowing the on and offboarding of Care.Wallet’s native digital token, the SOLVE token, into multiple fiat currencies offered by Unlimit. Care.Wallet users are currently able to purchase SOLVE directly through credit card payments and BinancePay. Solve.Care looks to enable users to purchase SOLVE through Unlimit Crypto services, which allows them to choose a payment option from the company’s 1000+ directly integrated payment methods and all major card brands. This collaboration will also work to grow the Utility of SOLVE beyond healthcare with Unlimit Crypto having SOLVE as a supported currency for purchases made through their payment platform.

Solve.Care has long been at the forefront of using blockchain technology to revolutionize healthcare services globally. Utilizing its user-centric approach, Solve.Care aims to empower individuals while improving the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare services worldwide. An integral component of its digital ecosystem, Care.Wallet allows users to safely store, manage, and exchange healthcare data and its native digital token, SOLVE.

Solve.Care and Unlimit Crypto aim to offer a pleasant, user-friendly experience through this partnership. Healthcare service providers will gain the capability of seamlessly and immediately offboarding the SOLVE tokens they receive in Care.Wallet into various fiat currencies or stablecoins supported by Unlimit Crypto solution; further opening new possibilities for holders to utilize and benefit from digital assets in real-world transactions and interactions.

Unlimit’s expertise in offering secure, compliant cross-border payments perfectly aligns with Solve.Care’s mission to maximize the worldwide accessibility and utility of its native digital currency. Integrating Unlimit Crypto’s capabilities into Care.Wallet allows Solve.Care to ensure healthcare service providers can seamlessly switch between digital and traditional financial realms, making it easier to be rewarded for their services.

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care expressed his excitement about working together with Unlimit Crypto by saying, “This partnership aligns perfectly with Solve.Care’s goal is to remove friction in healthcare payments through the use of SOLVE tokens and Care.Wallet. Making it easier to convert SOLVE tokens to the fiat currency of the provider’s choice will make SOLVE more appealing even to the most traditional of healthcare providers.”

Jack Jia, Head of Unlimit Crypto, said: This partnership represents our commitment to eliminating borders between digital and traditional currencies, and we know that to continue onboarding new users we need to significantly enhance the functionality of digital currencies by connecting them to existing and robust financial systems. Our partnership with Solve.Care is an exciting new development that has the potential to open new avenues of financial inclusion and healthcare innovation in the future.

Solve.Care and Unlimit are committed to upholding regulatory compliance and security throughout their offboarding process, from integration design with an emphasis on privacy to meeting applicable laws and regulations and adhering to industry best practices for safeguarding user data and funds.

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About Solve.Care

Solve.Care is the creator of a healthcare relationship management platform that uses blockchain to redefine care coordination, improve access to care, reduce benefit administration costs, streamline payments, and help reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world. Care.Platform allows for the quick and cost-effective creation and deployment of decentralized digital health networks called Care.Networks, for patient-centric care based on medical conditions, economic and social needs, and other tailored eligibility criteria, creating an entire healthcare ecosystem. It is also the first company in the world to successfully deploy digital currency and blockchain technology for value-based healthcare payments. Solve.Care is a multiple award-winning company, receiving accolades such as: ‘Most Innovative Healthtech Firm’ award in the Global Brand Awards 2023, ‘Best Connected Health Platform’ at the 2023 MedTech Breakthrough Awards, ‘Enterprise Transformation Award’ at the 2022 Web3 and Blockchain Transformation Awards, ‘Corporate Wellness Software of the Year’ at the 2022 Innovatech Awards, BRI’s ‘Industry Solution of the Year 2020’, SSOW Impact Award’s ‘Technology of the Year 2020’, and many more. For more information, please visit

About Unlimit

Founded in 2009, Unlimit is a global fintech company that offers a large portfolio of financial services, including payment processing, banking as a service (BaaS), and an on-ramp fiat solution for crypto, DeFi, and GameFi. The company’s mission is to deliver solutions that eliminate financial borders, enabling businesses to operate both locally and internationally with ease across Europe, the UK, LatAm, APAC, India and Africa. Unlimit has 500 employees across 16 offices and five continents, including London, Frankfurt, Singapore, São Paulo, Hong Kong, and Mexico. For further information, please visit: For media inquiries, please contact:


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